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Class Rename

Renames folders and files.
Defined in: rename.js.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Rename(src, name)
Renames folders and files.
Class Detail
Rename(src, name)
Renames folders and files. Locates assets by AssetID's and folders by Path in 'src', renames them with the matching names specified in the 'name' parameter, and returns their new Path values. These results are parsed into a text object keyed by AssetID from the JSON file in which they are contained, and by default are displayed to the user.
'MBurl'/wf/rename?src=['Path']&name=['New Name']"12345"&name="TestingRename"
AssetID/list and/or Path/list of folders to be renamed.
Name/list of new names for the files to be renamed. The new names must be in the same order as their correlating src
( {'AssetID': {"success": "true","return": "AssetID"},...} )

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