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Class An_Intro_To_REST

REST Quick Start Guide

The basic structure to execute each REST workflow is


For example, if you wanted to create a new folder named “TestRest” you could run

To create multiple folders or files replace TestRest from above with an array of paths the JavaScript array format.["TestRest/test.txt", "AnotherFolder/SubFolder"]

Most workflows will return a JSON object once the Workflow has finished executing.   The general format is

  "<aKey>": "<aValue>"

The Create Workflow above would have a response like this

  "200096905": "TestRest/test.txt",
  "AnotherFolder/SubFolder": "AnotherFolder/SubFolder"

Any errors that may occur will be keyed by the value “error”

    "AnotherFolder/SubFolder/": "Folder already exists"

Api Key 

Adding the parameter apikey=<theKey> to any REST workflow will allow you to trigger the workflow without logging in to MediaBeacon.  For example,

An api key can be created by executing the getApiKey Workflow.["Bob", "Larry"]&expires=false

The response will look something like this

  "Bob": "A3C14EE3-B724-420C-B598-24BC3686844C",
  "Larry": "421FDB14-342F-4ED4-9DC7-E80921AB8434"


To upload a file to MediaBeacon via REST the file needs to be added to the body of the POST.  The best way to test this is to download a REST client.  There is a free app you can install in Google Chrome called Postman that works well.  In theses clients you would input a URL in the same way as the examples above.

To add the file to the body of the POST most REST clients will have an option to choose a file.

Usage Examples

File Download

File Move

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